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Zii Applications


  • Enhanced clip browser
  • Advanced video Trick Modes
  • Fast forward and rewind (x2, x4, x8 and x16)
  • Slow motion advance and reverse (x1/2, x1/4, x1/8, x1/16)
  • Audio stretching (retains audio clarity during slow/fast forward)
  • Frame-by-frame advance and reverse (swipe)
  • Timeline browser : Auto generated thumbnails for easy browsing
  • Aspect ratio selection : (Original, Fit, Zoom and Full)
  • Playback loop mode
  • WebM (VP8) video file playback
  • Subtitle support


ZiiPhoto provides an intelligent photo browsing experience with advanced image processing and slideshow effects

  • Fast browser mode with intelligent area of detail display
  • Advanced image enhancement effects
  • 3D Montage slideshow mode


  • Real-time image preview and capture effects
  • Panoramic capture of 40 megapixel images in one sweep
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) image capture

Dual Independent Displays

Dual Independent Displays complements the standard Android Cloning by providing additional APIs that enable independent content to be displayed on each of the devices displays.

  • View different content on each display
  • Additional API calls enable dual independent display management
  • Complements the standard Android Clone Mode

For example, a user could be browsing the web for information on the LCD while watching an HD movie on the attached HDMI TV opening up exciting new possibilities for application developers.

Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi's Audio Effects

X-Fi is a sound technology that breathes life into your audio. It restores the detail and expands your music and and movies to surround saound, making your music sound better.

  • Crystalizer
  • enhances the dynamic range of any audio source to give a more realistic experience
  • CMSS-3D recreates realistic surround sound from any audio source ( speakers or headphones)
  • X-Fi HD Equalizer - 121 individual bands of high-resolution audio
  • Pre-set or swipable customer configuration
  • X-Fi HD Speaker - Enhance the audio experience from built in tablet speakers

HD Bluetooth and WiFi audio output

  • Stream high-quality audio wirelessly to compatible devices
  • Apply X-Fi effects to streams

ZiiMovie Slow Motion Controls

ZiiMovie Fast Forward Controls

ZiiCamera "Sketch" Image Effect

ZiiPhoto Intelligent Image Browser

ZiiMovie Clip Browser

X-Fi HD Equalizer - Custom Swipe

X-Fi Crystalizer and CMS 3D