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ZiiLABS Media Framework

CODECs, Containers and AV Enhancements

The ZiiLABS AV Media Framework for Android delivers a wide range of optimized CODECs, container formats and AV enhancements that complement the standard Android feature set to provide users with a richer multimedia experience on their Android device.

Video Decoders

  • H.264
    • Baseline, 1080p
    • Main Profile, 1080p
    • High Profile, 1080p
    • Input bit rates up to 40Mbps
    • Interlaced support:
      • MBAFF (MacroBlock Adaptive Field-Frame)
      • PAFF (Picture Adaptive Field-Frame)
  • VP8 (WebM), 1080p
  • WMV9/VC-1
    • Simple, 1080p
    • Main, 1080p
    • Input bit rates up to 20Mbps
  • MPEG-4 / DIVX /XVID,
    • Simple (SP), 720p
    • Advanced Simple Profile (ASP), 720p
  • MPEG-2
    • Main (MP), 720p
  • H.263
    • Baseline, D1
  • M-JPEG

Video Encoders

  • H.264
    • Baseline, 1080p
    • Main
  • H.263
    • Baseline, D1

Audio Decoders

  • AAC LC/LTP and 5.1 (down mixed)
  • HE-AACv1 (AAC+)
  • HE-AACv2 (enhanced AAC+)
  • AMR-NB
  • AMR-WB
  • APE
  • Dolby Digital (also referred to as AC-3)
  • FLAC
  • G.711, G.722 and G.726
  • LPCM, and ADPCM)
  • MIDI
  • MP3 (L1/2/3, CBR and VBR)
  • Speex
  • Vorbis OGG
  • WMA9 (Standard and Lossless)

Audio Encoders

  • AMR-NB
  • AMR-WB
  • G.711, G.722 and G.726
  • LPCM and ADPCM
  • MP3
  • Speex

Image Decoders

  • BMP
  • GIF
  • JPEG (Baseline and Progressive)
  • PNG
  • TIFF
  • WebP

Image Encoders

  • JPEG
  • PNG

See Notes tab for additional information

Media Container Formats

A wide range of media file containers are supported, including;

  • 3GP
  • 3G2
  • AAC
  • APE
  • ASF (WMA and WMV)
  • AVI
  • DIVX and DIVX Plus HD
  • FLAC
  • FLV
  • M4A
  • M4V
  • MID
  • MOV
  • MKV
  • MP3
  • MP4
  • OGG
  • WAV
  • WEBM
  • WMV

For additional information on subtitle support see: Enhanced Media Capabilities

See Notes tab for additional information

Enhanced Media Applications

A rich suite of Value Added applications are available that leverage the capabilities of the ZMS processors and the enhanced media framework, including:

  • ZiiPhoto
  • ZiiCamera
  • ZiiVideo
  • Dual Independent Displays

To find our more visit: Zii Applications

OpenCL Programmable StemCell Cores

Developers can now use the industry standard OpenCL API to leverage the performance and flexibility of the underlying StemCell Computing architecture to add new levels of performance and floating point capabilities to Android based applications. Find out more at: ZiiLABS OpenCL.

Enhanced Media Playback

  • High Fidelity HDMI 1.4 Output
    • TV Optimized: Output based on HDMI device capabilities resulting in high fidelity output
    • LCD Mirror: Output based on LCD resolution
  • Advanced rate control (trick modes)
    • Fast forward and rewind (x1 to x64)
    • Slow Motion (x1 to x1/64)
    • Single frame forward and back
  • Accelerated Video Scaling
    • Native, Stretch, Fit and Fill
    • Correction for display pixel aspect ratio
  • Language Switching
    • Multi-language audio stream support
  • Video Subtitle support
    • SAMI, SMI, SRT, SSA and SUB

Audio Effect Libraries

A wide range of advanced audio effects, including X-Fi and VoiceFX enhance the quality of the standard audio experience under Android.

  • X-Fi Crystalizer
    • Intelligently restores lost audio detail
  • X-Fi Xpand
    • Virtualizer up-mixes stereo to surround sound for speakers and headphones
  • X-Bass
    • Bass boost for small speakers
  • X-Fi Dynamx
    • Smart Volume
    • Dialogue Enhancer
  • Audio FX
    • Equalizer
    • Reverb
  • Voice FX
    • Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC)
    • Microphone Beam Forming
    • Noise Suppression

Video Conferencing Features

  • Dynamic video rate control
    • Bit-rate, frame rate and resolution
  • RTP/RTCP (RFC 3550/3551 compliant)
  • Error concealment of lost and late packets
  • Audio/Video Synchronisation
    • Advanced clock source management
    • Adaptive clock sync for quick call start
  • Low-latency integration into Android stacks
  • Voice FX (see Audio Effect Libraries above)

3DTV Stereo Support

The following stereo modes are supported for output to compatible HDMI displays.

  • 720p50, 720p60 and 1080p24
  • Side-by-side and top-and-bottom

Adobe Flash Player 10.x

ZiiLABS is an Open Screen Project (OSP) source code licensee and can provide its optimized port of Adobe Flash[7] 10.x for Android 3.x

  • Video acceleration
  • Accelerated OpenGL ES 2.0 rendering
  • Certification testing service

See Notes tab for additional information


  • The ZiiLABS codecs and libraries are available under license for OEM products with a wide selection available on the JAGUAR platforms for evaluation purposes.
  • Not all items listed are included with default ZiiLABS Android middleware pack.
  • Dolby Digital can only be made available to approved Dolby licensees and any implementation requires pre-certification, conditions apply. Dolby is a registered trademark of Dolby Laboratories
  • X-Fi available under license from Creative Technology Ltd.
  • Microsoft WMV and WMA implementations only available to approved Microsoft licensees. Conditions apply.
  • ZiiLABS do not make any representation that any codec or library is unencumbered by third–party patents and royalties. Companies are advised that to include a codec in a final product may require patent licenses and/or certifications to be arranged directly with the relevant patent holders; e.g. MPEG LA.
  • Product specifications are subject to change without notice
  • Performance figures apply to ZMS-20