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Complete Platform Solutions

From complete ready-for-market devices and integrator products to evaluation systems and development boards, the ZiiLABS hardware platforms provide a powerful set of enabling technologies that OEMs and ODMs can use to take innovative product ideas to market quickly and efficiently.

Android Tablets

Android Tablets

The ZiiLABS Android Tablet platforms deliver the ultimate in performance and design flexibility to enable the rapid launch to market of differentiated tablet solutions.

  • Modular design for ODM customisation
  • Designed for volume manufacture
  • White-label, custom or 3rd party IDs
  • Pre-tested for regulatory/industry approval
  • Android Conformance Tested
System Module

System Modules

The ZiiLABS System Modules are proven, compact and production-ready SODIMM modules that can be easily integrated into custom hardware designs to reduce the time, cost and complexity of new product development.

Development Platform

Development Platforms

The ZiiLABS Development platforms enable the rapid production of embedded products based on the ZMS processors and supporting a range of standard peripheral modules.