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ZiiLABS News

11/Mar/14 ZiiLabs Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit In US Against Samsung And Apple
26/Sep/12 ZiiLABS StemCell Processor Helps Put the "Smart" into 3M's Latest Android-based MP220 Mobile Projector
28/Jun/12 ZiiLABS and Symphony Teleca Demonstrate Accelerated OpenCL Compute on Android
15/Feb/12 Creative Launches New HanZpad Platform - Comprising the Ground-Breaking 100-Core ZMS-40 StemCell Media Processor, the Latest Android 4.x Tablet Reference Designs and a Powerful Chinese Operating System
04/Jan/12 ZiiLABS Unveils ZMS-40: Double the Performance, Half the Power with Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A9 and 96 StemCell Media Processing Cores
13/Sep/11 ZiiLABS Unveils the Most Powerful, 3rd Generation JAGUAR3 Android Tablet Reference Designs
26/May/11 ZiiLABS Announce JAGUAR Family of Android 3.0 Reference Platforms
10/May/11 ZiiLABS Announces ZMS-20 and ZM40 - Energy-Efficient StemCell Processors Optimized for High-Performance Tablet Computing with Dual / Quad 1.5GHz ARM Cortex-A9 Processors
01/Jun/10 ZiiLABS Unveils Latest Stereoscopic 3D and OpenCL™ Technology
01/Jun/10 ZiiLABS and ARM Showcase Next-Generation 1080p Blu-Ray Quality Connected HDTV Home Entertainment
12/01/09 ZiiLABS Announces Zii TRINITY - A Next Generation Smart/Media Phone Platform for Android and Plaszma Operating Systems
01/Dec/09 Creative and ZiiLABS Forge Strategic Partnerships with China's High-Tech Companies at Zii Summit 2009
12/Nov/09 Creative and ZiiLABS to Host Zii Summit 2010 1-2 December 2009 in Shenzhen, China
09/Nov/09 ZiiLABS Introduces ZMS-08: The World's First 1080p Blu-ray Quality Handheld Media Processor
03/Nov/09 ZiiLABS Releases Zii Optimized Android™ for its Plaszma Development Platforms, including the Zii EGG
11/Sep/09 ZiiLABS Announces Graphics and HD Video Acceleration for Adobe Flash Player
28/Jul/09 ZiiLABS Announces new Open Development Platform, including Handheld Zii EGG StemCell Computer, supporting Linux-based Plaszma OS and Android
28/Jul/09 ZiiLABS Announces SODIMM based ZMS-05 System Module
12/Feb/09 ZiiLABS to Demonstrate HD Video Playback for the Android™ Platform
08/Jan/09 3DLABS, a leading innovator in graphics and media-rich SoCs combines with the Personal Digital Entertainment group at Creative to form ZiiLABS
08/Jan/09 Partners announce platforms based on New ZMS-05
11/Mar/08 3DLABS named a finalist in prestigious 2008 EE Times ACE awards for design team of the year
04/Apr/08 Only 42 trillion Nanometres to Go - 3DLABS team to run the London marathon to fight Cancer
21/Feb/08 3DLABS announces Microsoft Windows CE BSP for its DMS-02 media-rich applications processor
13/Feb/08 3DLABS establishes design and support office in Hangzhou, China to service local markets
12/Nov/07 3DLABS introduces Linux 2.6.21 developer kit for its DMS-02 media-rich applications processor
29/May/07 3DLABS showcases DMScaler™ for enhanced viewing of video and photos on 1080p displays
22/May/07 Grandeye selects 3DLABS' DMS-02 media processor for its next generation 360° intelligent IP surveillance cameras
08/Jan/07 3DLABS announces support for Opera 9 for devices on DMS-02 media processor
05/Dec/06 3DLABS demonstrate 3D navigation, software GPS and rich media capabilities on its DMS-02 media processor
28/Dec/06 3DLABS launches first handheld media processor capable of High-Definition H.264 playback
24/Feb/06 3DLABS to Refocus its 3D Graphics Business on Portable Handheld Device Market

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