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Press Release

3DLABS announces support for Opera 9 for devices on DMS-02 media processor

Delivering full Internet capabilities to connected devices

CES, Las Vegas, 8 January 2006 : 3DLABS Inc., Ltd., a fabless semiconductor company, today announced support for Opera 9 for Devices on its DMS-02 media processor. By partnering with Opera, 3DLABS can offer a turnkey solution to its customers looking to provide full Internet capabilities and advanced Web applications on connected handheld devices. The Opera browser for devices is complementary to 3DLABS' promise to deliver flexible solutions that enrich the customer experience on handheld devices.

At CES, 3DLABS demonstrated the Opera 9 browser running on their recently announced DMS Media Processor and Hardware Development Platform.

"Many of our partners are looking to bring the power of the web to their connected devices. By pre-porting Opera 9 for devices to the DMS architecture we are easing our customers integration effort to reduce their time-to-market and at the same time offering end-users an excellent Internet experience." said Tim Lewis, director sales and marketing at 3DLABS."

"Opera 9 for Devices takes advantage of all that the Web has to offer, pushing it beyond Web surfing into an application platform for devices of all kinds. We are excited to be working with 3DLABS and by the potential of the 3DLABS' DMS architecture and welcome them into our Opera for Devices partner program." said Scott Hedrick, Executive Vice President of Devices, Opera Software."

About ZiiLABS

ZiiLABS is a leader in media-rich application processors, hardware platforms and advanced middleware. Its products enable OEMs, ODMs, System Integrators and Software Developers to deliver industry-leading devices across a broad range of consumer electronics and embedded markets. Originally founded in 1994 as 3DLABS, the company re-branded and joined with the Personal Digital Entertainment group of Creative Technology to form ZiiLABS in January 2009. ZiiLABs with over 800 R&D engineers today has invested US$1billion and 10,000 man years in media processing solutions and has offices in the UK, China, USA and Singapore.

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